Leasing and financing

Rincent ND Technologies has partnerships with several organizations offering financing solutions ranging from leasing to long-term rental with or without purchase.

Rincent ND Technologies is also able to make trade-in offers for your old equipment. Please send us your request.

For equipment rental by the month without a technician, Rincent ND Technologies has partnered with Rovem Partner. Please contact Carol Chaize on or by e-mail at


Rincent ND Technologies provides all preventive and corrective maintenance, troubleshooting, technical assistance by telephone and training on the hardware/software sold.

An emergency telephone with a response time of less than 15 minutes is available to users in the event of a breakdown on site. Overall, there are very few breakdowns with Rincent NDT equipment, and the majority of these are resolved over the phone within a few minutes. Maintenance is carried out on the company’s premises in Courcouronnes. Some on-site interventions are possible on request. After-sales service is available by telephone from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, or by e-mail on working days.

Hardware and software are guaranteed by Rincent ND Technologies, at the time of delivery, to conform to the relevant technical specification. They are guaranteed against any hidden defect resulting from faulty materials or workmanship. The warranty period is 12 to 36 months, depending on the equipment.

Test runs

The Rincent Group’s branches have a wide range of testing facilities capable of meeting your needs, in all conditions of use and in compliance with international standards.


Rincent ND Technologies offers on-demand training for non-destructive testing equipment.

Rincent NDT calls on experts from the various branches of the Rincent group to ensure the highest quality of service.

As we are an accredited training center, your OPCA can cover the cost of training.