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Sonic transparency

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Developed internally since the beginning of the Rincent group, the equipment examines several thousand foundations each year and strictly comply with the standard NF P94-160-1.

The advantages of Sonic transparency

High efficiency

High efficiency

Easy data processing

Easy data processing

The advantages : Sonic transparency

Rincent ND Technologies’ sonic transparency auscultation equipment and analysis software comply with European standard NF P94-160-1.

Sonic transparency testing of a concrete foundation element, fitted with at least two parallel steel tubes, consists of :

  • emit an ultrasonic pulse through a probe lowered into a tube filled with water, which propagates through the concrete of the foundation element.

  • use a second probe to pick up the signal in another tube, also filled with water, at the same level;

  • measure the full height of the tubes and record the ultrasonic signal travel time between the two probes, as well as the amplitude of the received signal.

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The main elements of the test equipment are described in the following figure.

1 : USB acquisition case

2 : Portable acquisition PC

3: Transmitter and receiver probes

4: Winch

5 : Touret emission

6: Receiving reel

7: Winch reel


Transparence software acquires, processes and generates test sheets.

Logiciel transparence Sonique

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