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FWD HWD Heavydyn deflectometer

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The advantages of FWD HWD Heavydyn deflectometer



High efficiency

High efficiency

The advantages : FWD HWD Heavydyn deflectometer

Déflectomètre en configuration FWD (gauche) et HWD (droite)

The FWD Heavydyn deflectometer is a Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) under dynamic load, providing deflection equivalent to the Benkelman beam measurement, and elastic moduli of pavement layers using Alizé LCPC-type retrocalculation software.

Its advantages include

Compact dimensions, quick and easy axle folding, simple and intuitive operation, laptop connection (with just two cables) and high-speed hydraulics.


The equipment is supplied with a set of weights enabling it to be converted from FWD configuration (road use up to 120 kN) to HWD configuration (airport use 250 kN).

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Technical data

Vehicle installation



The electronic measurement and control system is mounted on the trailer and connected to a laptop via an Ethernet cable.
A load cell is placed above the support plate. The load cell is rated up to 350 kN (35T).
Up to 15 geophones are placed in front of the measuring bar at distances ranging from -30 to 210 cm.


A DMI (linear distance encoder) is installed on the left wheel of the FWD to display the distance.
Positioning is also carried out by a GPS located on the trailer.


Two thermometers are installed to measure air and ground surface temperatures.


Rincent ND Technologies performs absolute calibration of hardware sensors.

The equipment is supplied with calibration certificates linked to international standards for force, displacement and temperature transducers.

Heavydyn FWD/HWDs regularly take part in European cross-test campaigns such as TRL (England), CROW (Netherlands), or DGAC (France).

Illuminated signs

The trailer comes with a flashing yellow beacon. You have the option of adding :

  • One LED ramp with scrolling arrow, two rotating beacons and two flashing lights
  • One bar with illuminated work panel and two flashing beacons

technical characteristics

Vehicle installation

FWD/HWD can be installed on any vehicle fitted with a 50mm hitch ball and sufficient towing capacity for the weight of the trailer (1300kg in the HWD version).

Equipment batteries can be recharged either :

  • Carried out by the towing vehicle using its alternator. The vehicle must therefore be permanently modified for this purpose;
  • Powered by a generator on the FWD trailer. This makes it easy to change the towing vehicle, as it remains unchanged.

Driving license (France)

As the trailer has a GVW of more than 750kg, driving it by a French user requires :

  • A B license with the 96 endorsement if the sum of the GVW of the trailer (1300kg) and the vehicle is less than 4250kg;
  • A BE license if the sum of the GVW of the trailer (1300kg) and the vehicle exceeds 4250kg.

Fwddyn acquisition software

Fwddyn is Heavydyn’s FWD acquisition and reporting software. It has been developed for fast, easy, tactile use and can be installed on any laptop running Windows 10.

Installation is simplified and requires no licenses, Windows drivers or configuration and calibration files. On connection, the Fwddyn software automatically downloads the configuration and calibration data required for its use from the trailer control unit.

The Fwddyn software can be configured to perform any test sequence required for the project (airport, road, etc.). The saved data contains time signals, location, temperatures and calculated deflections, which can then be exported as :

  • Excel file using an Excel user template ;
  • CSV, F25 or FWD file for use with common retrocalculation software (Alizée, Elmod, Rosy, etc.).

Mapview website

The Mapview website offers a modern cross-platform experience for visualizing your measurement data, and can display several hundred points simultaneously on a satellite map view.

The Mapview website is available at no extra cost for viewing and exporting your projects to Excel.

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