LightWeight Deflectometer Minidyn

The LWD (LightWeight Deflectometer) Minidyn reliably measures the bearing capacity of unbound foundation layer directly on you Andrdoid phone and GPS localization.

Immediate Bearing Capacity Results

Free Android App

Automatic Point Geolocalisation

Instrument description

The Lightweight Deflectometer Minidyn is a compact, transportable instrument that offer reliable, reproductible and immediate results of the bearing capacity for foundation layers such are highway or industrial platforms.


  • Light and robust all Aluminum construction
  • Single carrying case
  • Waterproof
  • Measurement geolocation
  • Two part transportable
  • High capacity batterie, >300h of normal use
  • Integrated load cell for calibrated measurement
  • Fast testing in less than 30 secondes
Plaque dynamique légère Minidyn

Essais sur plateforme bâtiment

Plaque dynamique légère Minidyn

Valise de transport

Android Application

The lightweight deflectometer Minidyn is controlled by a freely installable application available on Android Play Store.

Once installed, the Minidyn can be used immediately without particular configuration. Setup a site file and a name for your test, connect via Bluetooth to the Minidyn and start making measurement, it is that simple.

The Android app use the phone GPS to geolocate your measurements. The resulting mapped point are then exported on a satellite view in your reports.

Réalisation d’essai et géolocalisation


The equipment come with a complete solution for making automatic Excel report on Windows with free choice of result graphs, tables and maps.

Export software with maps exemples


Rincent ND Technologies has a calibration bench for lightweight deflectometer. The bench is in compliance with national calibration standard.

The Minidyn integrated load cell measure the load during impact that can vary up to 20% on the same foundation layer. Without any load cell the repeatability error on modulus s between 20% to 40%.

Impact load variation on different foundation layer


The lightweight deflectometer Minidyn is very accurate in a number of situation and it is important to follow some procedures to ensure the best possible results.

Le 10 kg drop weight is best for layer modulus comprised between 10 MPa to 100 MPa. The 20 kg drop weight is needed to test layer with modulus above 100 MPa.

The auscultation depth is between 30 cm to 50 cm typically. Assessing a large thickness foundation is possible by performing test at each 20 to 30 cm deposited layer, typically at each layer compaction.

Using a 300mm plate, the largest granularity should be around 60 mm.

Plaque dynamique légère Minidyn

Control layer by layer

Plaque dynamique légère Minidyn

Test with 20 kg drop weight

Correlation and standardisation

On first installation, the Minidyn give results that are correlated with the French NFP 94-117-2 standards.

Other correlations are freely available to be perfectly conform to the following standards BSI 1924-2 (UK), ASTM_E2583-07 et ASTM_E2835-11 (USA), UNI11531-1 (Italy).

Correlations Minidyn

Dynamic corrélation

Correlations Minidyn

Static correlation