High Performance

Fast ROI

Présentation de la Maxidyn

The Dynaplaque Maxidyn performs platform bearing capacity measurements in accordance with the NFP 94-117-2 standard from 20 MPa to 250 MPa.

  • Easy installation on most of simple cab pickup in the market.
  • High performances. Up to 60 measurement per hour without leaving the vehicle and with only one operator.
  • Choice of manipulation system:
    • Crane vehicle: The crane can move the loading plate to either side of the pickup and under excavated area.
    • Fork vehicle: The loading plate is put on the ground using a hydraulic fork on the side of the vehicle.
  • Ergonomic software. The acquisition and export Maxidyn software is used on a windows tactile tablet.
  • Automatic generation of report. With included GPS measurement and mapping.
  • Great After sale support. With phone support and same day shipping to minimize down time.
Dynaplaque Maxidyn

Maximal extension using crane vehicle

porteur fouche cote

Fork vehicle

Dynaplaque Maxidyn loading plate

Loading plate

The loading plate follows the French standard NFP 94-117-2 “Modulus on dynamic loading using the Dynaplaque”.

A 150 kg weight is dropped from 40 cm on a 600 mm plate to create a dynamic loading of 70kN on the platform under test. Load and displacement during impact are measured used to compute the dynamic loading bearing capacity.

The loading plate and its sensors are annually verified and calibrated to the national calibrations standards.

Load plate during calibration

Fork type vehicle

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is actuated using a hydraulic pump on the vehicle accessory belt.

Hydraulic pump is automatically controlled by the acquisition system and is activated when pressing movement button of the wired remote and is deactivated after 15 seconds of inactivity or when the driver releases the handbrake.

A manual pump is also available in case of emergency.

Measurement zone

The measurement zone is situated on the driver side of the vehicle.

The hydraulic fork can put the loading plate below -10 cm to -20 cm the ground surface. An extension system consisting of two extensions arms is available to put the loading late up to -80 cm below the ground surface.

Vehicle installation

Fork type vehicle installation is done on single cab Ford Ranger pickup. Other vehicle type can be used after validation of our technical department.

The loading plate is put on the ground using two hydraulic cylinders on each side of the plate

Loading plate on fork vehicle

Measurement zone

Crane type vehicle

Hydraulic crane

The loading plate is manipulated by the hydraulics crane using a wireless remote.

The sling chains allow for an easy rest on any ground configuration (slope, trench,…).

Measurement zone

The hydraulic crane can put the loading plate on either side of the vehicle and below the ground level at around -50 cm to – 80cm depending on the pickup used.

Loading plate side mount

The loading plate is held securely on the side of the pickup between two measurement with the help of a hook.

There is no need to put back the loading plate inside the pickup between measurement.

Measurement zone using crane

Side mounting between points

Vehicle installation

Rincent NDT workshop

The installation of the crane or the fork system and loading plate are done in our Courcouronnes (Ile de France) workshop.


Courcouronnes workshop


Vehicle installation

Driver cabin installation

The installation in the driver cabin is the same for a crane type vehicle or a fork type vehicle.

For optimal use, we recommend to use a 10-inch tactile tablet on the front shield windows but the Maxidyn software can be installed on any Windows laptop with Bluetooth.

The tablet is used to:

  • Control the loading plate and retrieve the measurement.
  • Display the cartographic data using 4G/5G data connectivity.
  • Upload measurement data for offsite processing.
  • Report creation directly on site.


Acquisition and reporting

The acquisition and reporting software Maxidyn can be installed in any windows computer without any licenses.

The graphical interface is aimed to easily and safely perform measurements:

  • Single interface for all measurement functions.
  • Button size adapted to tactile screens.
  • Easy and fast operations. Only 3 steps to start making measurement.

Maxidyn software interface


Excel report example