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Heavydyn Falling Weight Deflectometer overview

The Rincent FWD Heavydyn (Falling Weight Deflectometer) is a single axis trailer to measure deflection using a dynamic load for road and airport platforms.

It features very compact dimensions with a foldable hitch, a fast measurement time using high power hydraulic system and intuitive acquisition software for tactile tablet.

The trailer is configurable in a FWD (Falling Weight Deflectometer ) with 300kg of drop weight for road use up to 120kN and in a HWD (HeavyWeight Deflectometer) with 600kg of drop weight for airport use up to 250kN.

Trailer in FWD (left) and HWD (right) configuration



The measurement and hydraulic control system is powered by two 12V batteries that are recharged either by the vehicle alternator or an external generator.


A calibrated 350kN load cell is used on the load plate.
Up to 15 geophones can be used on the measurement bar at distances from -30 cm to 210 cm.
A DMI (linear distance coder) is installed on the left wheel of the FWD to display the distance.
The positioning is also achieved by a GPS located on the trailer.
Two thermometers are installed to measure the air and surface temperatures.


An absolute calibration is done before delivery for every sensors, load cell, geophones, dmi and thermometers, on the trailer using tracable calibration reference.

The Rincent FWD Heavydyn complies with the following standards :

  • ASTM D4694
  • AASHTO R32
  • UK Correlation trial


The trailer comes originally with a yellow flashing gyro. You can add as an option:

  • An LED ramp with a scrolling arrow, two lights and two flash lights
  • A bar with panel light works and two lights

Trailer 3D view

Rincent FWD Heavydyn

Vehicule installation


The Rincent FWD Heavydyn can be installed on any vehicle equipped with and 50mm tow ball and capable of towing the 1300kg of the trailer in its HWD configuration.

If the vehicle charges the FWD battery, a sufficient (> 50A) alternator is needed.

Front cabin installation

The system is controlled by a 10-inch tactile windows tablet installed on the passenger seat.

An additional camera screen is also available to check the load plate position on the pavement.

Vehicle installation


Fwddyn acquisition software

The Fwddyn software is an easy-to-use, touchscreen enabled, acquisition and reporting software for the Rincent FWD Heavydyn that can be installed on any Windows 10 laptop.

No license, driver or configuration and calibration files are required. Upon connexon to a Heavydyn trailer, the Fwddyn software download from the trailer control box the necessary calibration and trailer parameter.

The Fwddyn software can be configured to perform any type of drop sequences for a given project. Saved measurement include signals time history, geolocalisation, temperatures and calculated deflection data that can be exported directly on:

  • Excel file using a user provided template.
  • F25 or FWD text file to be used on retrocalculus software such as Alizé, Elmod or Rosy.

Mapview reporting website

The Mapview website offer a state-of-the-art powerful visualization tool that can display thousands of data points at a glance. Users can immediately see the weaker and stronger part of the pavement under test using the threshold feature.

The Mapview website is available, free of charge, for visualizing and exporting on Excel FWD projects and can be used on any device and operating system, laptop, phone, tablet, Windows, MacOS, Andoid.

Fwddyn software

Mapview website (click to try it)